4 Tips to Sell your House Quickly

Selling a house is a delicate process; it takes time, patience and attention.

You must proceed with caution and implement an effective operating procedure to avoid exposing your home to unnecessary risks and yourself to undesirable losses of time.

There are four things you need to do to quickly sell your home, and we’ve laid them all out below. Just sit back and follow the guide.

  1. Correctly position your house on the market
  2. Promote the property
  3. Screen potential customers
  4. Closing the deal and drafting a contract


Correctly position your house on the market

The right pricing strategy is a product of an in-depth market analysis and helps attract potential customers. Overestimating the value of your house can lead the market to ignore your offer. The best thing you can do is rely on real estate professionals whose market expertise you can’t do without. The do-it-yourself approach is very risky.


Promote the property

Focus on your home’s unique qualities and be aware of the features trending with buyers. This is fundamental. Further, don’t neglect the straightforward things that add value: cleaning, lighting and professional photos all enhance value. With the constructive advice of a professional, you can improve your house’s standing or make your apartment impeccable.


Screen potential customers

It’s important to ask the right questions to understand your target customer. It’s essential that you or your agent target clients—not the other way around. Below, we’ve listed the key questions.

What type of property is the client looking for?
When do they need it?
What’s the target price?
Is the client eligible for a mortgage?

A professional agent who specialises in sales will help you conduct an in-depth analysis of potential clients’ financial positions. Showing your home to those who don’t have adequate financial resources or have no real buying intention is just a waste of time. After some preliminary screening, your agent will know whether to proceed.

You should show photos and plans of your house once you’ve found a plausible client, and you should immediately request a confirmation return. If the client confirms their interest, they’ll arrange to visit your house. If they still have doubts, the deal isn’t worth continuing.

Furthermore, exposing your home without screening clients can lead to visits from professional thieves. Disguising themselves as potential customers, they’ll be looking for detailed information on you and you schedule.

You now the old adage, ‘if you want something done well do it yourself’? Well, it’s not always right. Showing your house to the wrong person could waste a lot of time, and in the long run, it becomes very stressful when you repeatedly can’t close sales. Think twice about it doing this yourself.


Closing the deal and drafting a contract

To close a sale peacefully, it’s best to plan a few visits with your clients. According to experts, four or five should do the trick. To prepare a contract, many documents are necessary, including system certifications and reports of co-ownership charges. To avoid difficulties, it’s always good to entrust the task to a professional.

As you undertake these delicate steps, it’s best you’re supported by a serious and prepared real estate professional. You can choose competent people simply by relying on a real estate platform that showcases professionals, verifies their identities and offers all the tools you need to save documents, contracts, photos and payments.

If you’d like to conclude a good deal with confidence and serenity, take a look at the professionals on Kera and review their work.

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