How to Create the Perfect Listing in 6 Simple Steps

It’s essential to know how to compose an effective listing, as this will make it possible to attract potential buyers and sell or rend more quickly.

Therefore, it’s not enough to have a minimum knowledge of the language; rather, you need to take proper care of the communicative aspects of your ad, which include not only the words but evocative images that attract buyers’ attention.

Before you design your listing, it’s essential you imagine who might be interested in your property, including families, singles, groups of friends, students and workers. You must be clear on your audience, and you must know the attractive features of your house.

Once you’ve chosen a range of potential buyers and the characteristics you want to focus on, you’ll finally be ready for the next phase. Follow us! We’re going to show you how to design a perfect announcement in six steps.


Give your ad a great title

The title of your ad is very important. It must immediately attract the curiosity of Internet users. Give free rein to your creativity. Make it original. In just a few seconds, it must engage users enough to motivate them to continue reading.

It’s good to specify the type of property and the area in which it’s located. It’s also good use adjectives that sell. What does that mean? Use words that evoke sensations and stir curiosity. In a word, use adjectives that are attractive.


Use compelling photos

Beautiful photos are worth a thousand words. They support the evocative aspects of the text but are not ends in themselves. They must capture the attention of the potential buyers and seduce them into viewing the whole ad.

Professional photos will help with that. To benefit from a good photo shoot, we advise you to contact a platform that specialises in real estate and offers photo and video tour services for commercial purposes.

Professional photos


Write a compelling description

Your opening sentence is fundamental and answers the question, ‘What am I looking at?’ It summarises the soul of the listing.

Its evocative aspect is a weapon that engages and seduces potential buyers. Keep in mind, however, that more often than not, people do a quick scan of an ad without pay much attention to the text.


Showcase your home’s characteristics

It’s important to describe the strong points of your house, its spaces and the overall property, including bedrooms, bathrooms, balconies, gardens, utilities, the garage, parking spaces, the floor and the elevator.

Be descriptive, but make sure you keep it short. Always try to be convincing and stimulating. Consider using adjectives like ‘flawless’, ‘fascinating’, ‘panoramic’ and ‘luxurious’.


Include the price

It’s always good to include the price of the property. We recommend you conduct adequate market assessments and analyses in order to develop a good pricing strategy.

It’s a good idea to use a professional so you don’t make crucial errors, like overestimating your property. To better understand the quality-price relationship, use descriptions of your property’s assets; this will make for a more convincing announcement.


Don’t forget your contact information

At the end of the ad, it’s always good to list your contact information, including your first and last names, your email address, your phone number and your social media addresses. This will increase your credibility and allow potential buyers to contact you immediately.


Here’s an example of an ad outline:
Opening sentence
Description of house
Contact information


Once your ad’s ready to go public

It’s important to choose the right channels through which to disseminate it. We advise you to avoid generic sites.

It’s better to choose a platform that specialises in real estate, can properly convey your listings and will put you in contact with potential buyers whose identities have been verified.

If you follow this advice, you’ll have all the tools you’ll need to better manage your property and promotional activities.

This will include the possibility of buyers contacting you through platform’s internal communications service, which securely saves all your conversations and contacts.

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