Spending a lot of time inside?
How to feel at home in a rental?

When you live in rental, feeling at home isn’t always easy. Generally, renting is a temporary situation that only affects a short period of your life.

Nevertheless, the realisation that sooner or later you’ll be leaving your rental property can dissuade you from furnishing it. And yet, personalising a place allows you to live better and feel more comfortable.

We’ve gone through this phase ourselves, as we’ve been living abroad for many years and have practised the art of coping, which means we can give you useful advice.

Below, you’ll find four useful tips to make you feel at home, but first, while it’s good to adopt economical and flexible solutions to make your temporary nest feel original, don’t limit your creativity and well-being.

  1. Think about lighting
  2. Think about the details
  3. Think about walls and ceilings
  4. Don’t forget about flowers


Think about lighting

The way a space is illuminated can change how you perceive it. Giving importance to light points means creating a different atmosphere that complements your way of being and offers a strong and personal impression.

Smart lighting solutions include the following: lamps, which can be small and have interesting designs that help create a spectacular effect and transform a bland environment into a coy nest; and colourful curtains, the fabrics of which can complement your walls and lighting to help create a magic atmosphere.

These are things you can take with you when you move, and they’re also very inexpensive.


Think about the details

Don’t forget to think about the little things, like art, furniture and colours. It’s not always possible to drill holes in the walls to hang pictures. However, there’s a way that’s still considered trendy.

In terms of furniture, give preference to versatile pieces that you can reuse in new spaces. If you don’t like the flooring, you can improve your interior with colourful and original rugs. The point is you create the style of the apartment; it’s what you put in it that makes it yours, so let your creativity run free!


Think about walls and ceilings

Try to think of the irregularity of the walls or the peculiarities of the ceiling as assets; they can make a house unique! If the owner agrees, start by replacing the wallpaper or painting the walls, or you can consider using wall decals that are suitable for all styles of furniture. You can also decorate niches and cavities with bookcases, fitted wardrobes or exhibits of your collectables.


Don’t forget about flowers

Adding a floral touch can be interesting. Flowers enhance furniture, freshen the atmosphere and adorn the most sterile apartments with wonderful colours. You can have your pick of type, colour and consistency.


Remember, your home is where live. Customising it doesn’t have to be expensive, and it can be a lot of fun. Just follow our tips. You’ll be really excited. Remember to try to express all your creativity, and if you’re ready to make more radical changes, don’t be afraid to ask the owner.

Often, owners are happy to let tenants make changes or renovate a space because it saves them doing the work themselves. Prepare your own project; all you need is a little inventiveness and a pinch of courage!

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