How to know if this is the place for you within 7 minutes?

Looking for a house is always a stressful experience, especially if you’ve just moved to a new city and don’t know how things work.

The most common approach is to make as many appointments as possible to see as many homes as you can. If everything goes well, you’ll find two or three listings in remote places, the names of which will be difficult to remember. Never fear! We’ve been through it, and we’re here to help.

The best approach is to start looking at houses or rooms that meet your needs in terms of price, size, layout and services. Going this route will help you save time and energy.

How do you do it? Visit a professional platform that can select suitable offers and give you a clear idea of ​​the room or house before you even see it in person, this because of the benefits of high definition content like photos and videos. Once you visit in person, you can focus on the details.

We’re familiar with the most frequently asked questions: how do you know if this apartment or room is the right one? What should you pay attention to? It can be stressful, but stay positive.

Just follow our advice, and everything will be fine. We’ll help you understand how to assess a home in just seven minutes.


First impressions count

Focus on those initial feelings. If the house or room seems dirty and you feel nauseated, you should just make a polite excuse and leave.


Walls and windows

If your first impressions are positive, turn your attention to the walls and windows. Look carefully for cracks or stains, and don’t forget to check for drafts.

How? Just put your hand near the window frames. If you feel a draft, it could mean the house is old, damp and cold.

Maltese homes don’t have radiators, so look for air conditioners. Pay attention to where they’re located and make sure they work.


Furniture and mattresses

If the walls and windows are in good shape, turn your attention to the furniture and mattresses. Check all furniture carefully. Is any of it ruined or broken? If so, report it to the owner immediately.

If the mattresses aren’t visible, always ask if you can look at them. They could be old, dirty or full of mould, a sure sign of humidity. In that case, have them changed and invest in a good dehumidifier! If the owner tries to charge you more, flee! This is not the house for you!


Gas system

Now, turn your attention to the gas system. Many Maltese homes use gas instead of electricity. This means that it’s up to you to buy new gas cylinders or refuel old ones.

Unplugging and connecting cylinders is a delicate operation, and it’s best to ask the owner for help if you don’t know how. The island is full of stores that sell gas cylinders. Prices vary by region but are usually 16–18 euros, and a cylinder can last from six months to a year depending on your rate of consumption.

Always ensure the cylinder is placed outside—on the balcony, for example—and that there are vents in the walls in accordance with the law.



Now, turn your attention to the bedrooms. It’s good to go from room to room to get a feel for the spaces and see if they match the photos, especially for people who want a single room. Always count the rooms to understand how many people you’ll be sharing the apartment with.

It’s important to ask about your potential roommates. How many are there? Are they men or women? Are there couples, children, animals or smokers? You’ll have several factors to consider. And don’t forget to weigh the number of people in the house against the number of bathrooms. It’s always better to ask first than deal with annoyances later.


Faucets and shower

Next, turn your attention to faucets and the shower. Water pressure is important; it must be regular. Be sure you check! If the pressure is too low, you can ask the owner to resolve the problem. You pay the expenses, and they aren’t cheap, so it’s your right to ask. Further, checking these elements will help you understand the overall state of the house.



Now, ask about the Internet. Is it included? If not, you’ll need to take on an additional cost. Otherwise, linger at reception, cell phone in hand, and go online. If you just subscribed to Netflix, you might want to be very sure you’ll be able to connect to the wifi from your bed! 




Now, think about the neighbourhood. Walk around a bit. It’s important to know if the house is an area well served by public transport. Does it have supermarkets and pharmacies?

Above all, it’s good to know if there are construction sites near the house, as you might be able to use them to negotiate a better price.

Choosing a place that isn’t too isolated will improve your quality of life, especially if you don’t have a vehicle. Don’t underestimate the traffic in Malta; it’s best to live as close to work as you can.


If your house or room has passed the test, congratulations!

However, don’t lower your guard quite yet. Always take a last look at the furniture and ask the owner if anything is missing. It’s a good idea to make an inventory or take pictures of all the furniture, especially if its new.

Also, don’t forget to check the water and electricity metres. Take a photo and send it immediately to the owner. It’s important to keep this picture to defend yourself in the event of a billing dispute. Tip: use a shared messaging service so your communications are automatically sent and saved.

And don’t forget to carefully read the contract. Read every clause before signing and paying the deposit. Which reminds us: be prepared to pay a deposit or an extra month’s rent in addition to the current month’s rent. After all this, you’re finally done.


We recommend you always ask the help from professionals who specialise in real estate negotiations.

We also suggest you use a platform that allows you to store photos and documents, like your lease, and track all payments. You’ll start your adventure on a more serene, confident and carefree footing.

Happy moving day!

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