Welcome to Kera: a new real estate era in Malta

The giraffe has such a long neck because of its need to feed on the highest leaves.

A man who lives in those areas of the Earth particularly rich in ultraviolet rays has a dark complexion because his skin needs to be protected from sunburn.

Christopher Columbus decided to reach the Indies by sailing west, rather than east, casually discovering America because he needed to demonstrate the roundness of the Earth.

History teaches that evolution is often simply the answer to a need.

What is Kera? And what does all this have to do with it?


From a need to the market

Kera was born from a need. After moving to work on this beautiful island, our search for a home quickly became a source of great stress.

Sleepless nights spent on the Internet, wasting time on listings that proved to be no longer available but were still kept visible. Calling non-existent phone numbers…

Having soon discovered that this was the same frustrating experience for many on the island, we decided to change things. So, we created a team of trusted and experienced people who, like us, live with the irrepressible desire to do business by creating value.

And just like that, Kera saw the light: a unique, flexible and effective tool to simplify and streamline the real estate market in Malta, so full of opportunities and yet so confused.


From quantity to quality

Numbers are important – we’d all agree with that.

The last decade for Malta has been a period of great numbers:

  • Highest economic growth in Europe
  • Highest property value growth in the world (between 2017 and 2018)
  • Highest population growth in Europe (2018)

But as we all know, numbers are not everything.

Very often, focusing on quantity, if not managed at its best, leads to loss in terms of quality.

In recent years, we have witnessed a growth in real estate in Malta that has exceeded all expectations. And it’s out of control.

And when you prefer egg among “the egg today or the hen tomorrow”, the omelette is soon served!

So, at a time when the real estate market needs order and rules, we felt a duty to contribute to collective well-being by providing a tool that encourages quality!


You are our strength!

  • We live in a competitive world.
  • Every human being aspires to social fulfilment.
  • We do our best when our results are there for all to see.

Starting from these assertions, we decided to create Kera as the tool that helps the individual to thrive!



  • We encourage you to express yourself creatively.
  • We support you in the management of your business or your research.
  • We help you optimise your time.
  • We provide you with the means to increase your visibility.


A tool to achieve your goals

Kera is an online real estate brokerage platform that supports you in all stages—from research to property management.

Our mission is to contribute to the happiness of people by offering new generation real estate services.

We believe in innovation; we are convinced that what has been done so far in the real estate sector is only an anticipation of the great changes to come. Click To Tweet

New software, mobile devices, artificial intelligence and Blockchain technology have opened the doors to a new era in the real estate market.

We focus on growth—social and personal: we invest a large part of our economic and human resources to ensure that our technology really transforms our users’ complex needs into simple actions so they can get the most from our services.

We provide security in real estate negotiations. Our mission is to offer a platform that can be easily used by everyone, both on desktop computers and on smartphones, offering individuals and real estate agents all the tools necessary to negotiate transparently.

What are you waiting for? Create your account on Kera and reach your goals!

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