Our values, our story

All companies have a story.


Our story was born about two years ago while I was looking for a house to share with my partner. I really couldn’t find a clear and neutral real estate platform that would allow me to make the right decisions in a relaxed mood.

All I could find were showcase websites that automatically imported real estate agencies’ advertisements but without detailed information about the agents, including how to contact them, and no wide range of properties, agents and owners to find trustworthy information.

In the end, after several stressful searches, I found our house on social networks, but although social networks are great meeting places, the experiences they offer are lacking in quality information and professionalism.


This stressful process raised a few questions: is it possible that Malta, a growing country with a high demand for housing solutions from expatriates and a commitment to innovative technologies, doesn’t have a neutral, high-end real estate platform?

Why is there no centralised platform gathering all Maltese agents willing to offer a high-quality service? How nice would it be if an online property seeker had a platform available to find all the information needed? How much does that help the real estate market and improve the work of real estate agents? How happier would that make people? How much energy would they save?


We started Kera to provide just such a service


I suppose that what pushed us to move forward in tough times was a sense of purpose and the desire to do something right. In business, we believe there’s nothing nobler than wanting to profit by generating value and offering services that improve society.

Circling back to Malta, the country’s real estate market is probably one of the most atypical in Europe. In recent years, the real estate demands of people wanting to live on the island have grown uncontrolled, thus generating a strong need for places to rent or buy, and this has been great for the country’s development.

However, when there’s a strong demand and a focus on quantity, people may experience a lack of quality because anyway if it is not you, someone will take that deal.

When it comes to technology and portals, most middlemen feel threatened.


Technology equals empowerment


In our minds, technology isn’t designed to cut out the middlemen; rather, it is meant to empower them.

Done with the right mindset, a real estate agent’s work can give enormous personal satisfaction.

Agents lead people in the process of buying or renting a home, and they offer security, expertise and professionalism. Indeed, theirs is a fundamental expertise.

Our aim is to stimulate the evolution of property technology – or proptech – agents, giving them tools that allow them to perform online. Proptech is the application of information technology and platform economics to real estate markets.

Kera wants to shorten the distances between agents, owners and home seekers, thereby optimising all processes with technology, wherever possible, leaving as much space as possible for a human relationship focused on quality and trustworthiness.

On 20th of January 2020, Kera was launched in one of the most unprecedented moments of this century, but we take it as a good omen because someone said that “the best solutions always come in the most difficult moments”.


Therefore, we invite all the people who want to improve Malta’s real estate market to use Kera.

We want to create a world-class real estate ecosystem – a real community – and we need you to do it. 


Pietro Andrea Romeo
Co-founder and CEO

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