The 4 qualities of the real estate agent that customers are looking for

Finding a house isn’t easy. In fact, it’s often a source of stress and confusion. It’s a time-consuming process that requires patience and the occasional prayer, especially if one opts for the do-it-yourself approach using social networks or searching for city ads.

Choosing a real estate agent means choosing a guide and intermediary in the sale, purchase or rental process.

The agent is a professional who knows the real estate market and therefore helps in research, buying and selling.

What qualities do customer look for in a real estate agent?

Below, you’ll find four of the most sought-after qualities.



Your agent must be honest and focused on meeting your needs. As a professional, your agent must be readily available and adaptable to different situations, whether that’s acting as a broker in a negotiation or as a contact when you’re looking for a house in a new city or country and don’t know the language or rules of that particular market.

An agent’s professional profile is one of the first things that clients consult online, and it remains the best business card for any professional.



You can find online reviews and ratings detailing previous customer experiences. The more positive the judgments, the more the value of the agent’s professionalism. User feedback helps new customers make better choices.



A serious and professional agent is competent, very experienced and able to select offers based on your needs (budget, surface, services), manage your calendar, respond quickly to contact requests and check the property’s availability before showing it.

Above all, your agent should have excellent communication skills and be able to lead a negotiation while representing your needs.



Your agent should quickly respond to all queries in order to find solutions to unexpected problems. If the agent responds within a few hours, you can consider them highly responsive.

The above list sets out your agent’s ideal characteristics.


Now, where can you find someone who embodies these qualities?

First, try to choose a real estate platform that can provide the tools that make agents more professional and well organised.

Above all, a platform should carry professional profiles that have already been vetted, thereby ensuring you make queries to serious people only. A good platform will display user reviews so you can know as much as possible about the professionals that interest you.

It’s important that you choose a platform capable of tracking payments, recording all conversations and storing important documents, such as the rental or sales contract. It should also be equipped with internal messaging, chat and email services so you can get in touch as quickly as possible!

Your platform could make a difference! The choice is yours.

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