Looking to Rent Your Property?

This Definitive Checklist Will Get You Ready

You own an apartment and want to take advantage of its rental value?

Here are some helpful tips to make your apartment more attractive to the market and get positive feedback from your very first visitor.

Remember, it’s important to flatter the eye! As it turns out, you can prepare your apartment in seven steps. Let’s look at where to start.

  1. Make the necessary repairs
  2. Depersonalise the interior
  3. Cleaning
  4. Check the water system
  5. Gas system
  6. Provide your tenants with everything they’ll need
  7. High-definition photos


Make the necessary repairs

Critically assess any furniture that might be included, and ensure you change or repair any damaged fixtures, such as door handles, windows, cabinet doors, drawers, table legs, chairs and chandeliers. Check particularly damp areas of the house, looking for mouldy mattresses or rotten cabinets, such as the base around the sink; buy new ones if necessary. You should also give the walls a fresh coat of white paint—and keep in mind, a dehumidifier or air conditioner would improve air quality.


Depersonalise the interior

Try not to leave any trace of your presence or your personality. For example, choose soft-toned wallpaper. If you’re painting, use light or neutral colours. This will make the apartment more versatile, and prospective tenants will better be able to imagine the changes they’d like to make.



Thoroughly clean the apartment, especially the bathrooms and the kitchen. If necessary, hire a professional cleaning service. While this is sure to appeal to renters, it above all communicates the level of cleanliness you expect from your tenants.


Check the water system and related appliances and fixtures

In particular, you want to check the water heater, the state of the pipes, water pressure, caulking in tubs and showers and the integrity of appliances, such as a washing machine or dishwasher.


Gas system

Show your tenants how to use the gas system and air vents. Show them how to connect the gas lines to the gas tanks, and provide a checklist to ensure their proper operation. Also, show them how to replace or buy new tanks; if you feel it’s necessary, leave a written reminder.


Provide your tenants with everything they’ll need

Make sure your tenants have all the basic kitchen accessories, including plates, pots, glasses, cutlery, a kettle and tablecloths.

You’ll also want to provide the necessary appliances, such as a microwave, toaster, washing machine, dryer, TV, Internet-connected modem and air conditioner. Cleaning accessories are also recommended, including a broom, dustpan, mop and buckets.

Finally, don’t forget the tools used in daily life, such as garbage pails, umbrella stands, hangers, a clothesline, clothespins, soap dishes, mailbox keys and mirrors.


Leave a written reminder concerning the operation of devices and the way you want them cleaned as well as instructions for waste management, including the collection schedule, banned items and fineable breaches of the rules.

Show your tenant the water and electricity metres and how to manage them in the event of a power failure. Before leaving the apartment, always make an inventory available to the tenant.

All this will make your apartment feel more complete and look more attractive, and it will present you as a serious owner.


High-definition photos

Beautiful high-definition photos go a long way in promoting your apartment, as they give prospective renters a firm idea of the place before their first visit.

Based on our experience, we recommend that you use a platform that specialises in real estate for this matter. This will allow you to better manage your property by providing professional contacts and, above all, quality services, including photo galleries and video visits.


If you follow our advice, finding the right tenants will be easy, and everything will be fine! We know many doubts and fears can arise during this delicate phase, and offering our support is very important to us.

Be calm, confident and follow the guide. Then, enjoy the results!

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